Gospel Groups are gender-based groups of three to five people. These groups meet together on a regular basis for the purpose of accountability and to specifically apply the gospel to each other in personal ways. In our experience, authentic relationships, as well as deep and vulnerable conversations, tend to work best in smaller, more intimate settings. Each group has a designated leader who has been trained in gospel-centrality, gospel-fluency, and gospel-application.

Because the purpose of these groups is to foster intimacy and vulnerability through practices such as confession, accountability, and repentance, we believe it is important that the members of each group are consistent. We realize that intimacy and vulnerability require both time and a stable environment. In light of this, we feel that it would be unwise to allow new people to join these groups sporadically. Therefore, the members of each Gospel Group are determined by the Elders, and each of these Gospel Groups remain unchanged for a six month duration. One final way that we protect the security and seriousness of the groups is by reserving these groups for our Church Members only.

If you’re interested in being a Gospel Group Leader please see our Gospel Group Leader Application.

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